Foodie Tour Guide

What tours do you host?

I host the Japanese Granville Island Market Tour and the Japanese World’s Best Food Truck Tour.

Where have you travelled?

I’ve been to Japan, Hawaii, most of the states of mainland U.S., Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, London, Italy, France, Madrid, and Amsterdam.

Why do you love Vancouver?

After living in many different places, Vancouver is by far, my favourite city for its beautiful ocean, mountains, cosmopolitan city, diverse ethnic culture, rain, snow, sunshine….most importantly, the world class culinary scene! Vancouver has got it all!

What’s a food you absolutely cannot resist?

I can’t resist the “Oxtail Pho” by Pho Nam in Honolulu, where I used to live for 16 years. My friend, who was an addict for this, introduced me to this Vietnamese noodle soup and got me to be an addict. too. I have been in search for Oxtail Pho, but so far, it can only be found in Hawaii.

What are your hobbies (besides eating!)?

Running (I’m a 10-time marathon runner, former NCAA Cross Country Coach), sewing, knitting, famous painting reproductions, cooking, and foraging (Vancouver is a great place for this)!

What is a fond food memory you’ve had?

In my early twenties, my Italian friends took me to what they approve as the only “authentic Italian Pizza” restaurant in Tokyo. It was an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience. It was not anything like the “pizzas” I knew back then. Only a few simple fresh ingredients (arugula, prosciutto, and mozzarella) on a home-made crust right out of the brick oven…wow!

Why do you love hosting Vancouver Foodie Tours?

I love to entertain people and make them laugh. It is such a rewarding experience for me to help people discover fantastic food and to create a memorable experience here in my favourite city of the world!

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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Our most popular tour!Discover the maze of food and drinks in Vancouver’s #1 Foodie district. 

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Granville Island Market Tour

The inside track at the world famous Public Market. A Signature Canadian Experience! Buy Now

Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour

Taste Vancouver’s multicultural heritage at award-winning establishments!

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World’s Best Food Truck Tour

Available May-Sep 2018. Show-stopping food from Vancouver’s top food trucks. Buy Now


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