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Office Operations Manager

What tours do you host?

I don’t actually host any of the tours, but I orchestrate all bookings, ordering, and private tours. And of course, from time to time I have to go on the tours to sample the goods! Such a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Where have you travelled?

I grew up in England and during that time went on holidays to many places in Europe like France, Spain, Germany. I spent eight months travelling through South East Asia and exploring so many new dishes and flavours. I have also spent a year living in Australia and travelling in New Zealand. Before moving to Canada, I spent a month doing an epic road trip up the west coast of America.

What’s a food you absolutely cannot resist?

Pizza! I just can’t stop when pizza is on the table. My stomach literally becomes bottomless. My favourite meal would be garlic pizza bread to start, any pizza variety for a main (but typically the more toppings the better), and a dessert pizza to finish!

What is a fond food memory you’ve had?

When I was living in Australia, we went for brunch in Canberra at a little café with a huge line. Turned out the line wasn’t for brunch, but for their salted-caramel cronuts. 100%…the best sweet treat I have ever tasted. I would fly back in a heartbeat for another bite of that salty caramel goodness.

Why do you love Vancouver?

Vancouver has it all! Beaches, mountains and so many food choices! I live in Kitsilano and get to watch the sun set over the water every night, indulge in all of the food options around W 4th Avenue, and I get to work on Granville Island!

“I can’t rave enough about Vancouver Foodie Tours! My mom and her friends are only going to be in Vancouver one day and were bummed to hear all their tours were booked. I reached out and they opened a new tour time so that my mom and all her friends could go! Now that’s amazing customer service!!!”
– Karlie H

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Granville Island Market Tour

Our most popular tour! The inside track at the world famous Public Market.

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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Vancouver’s #1 Foodie district. Discover the maze of food and drinks!

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Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour

Taste Vancouver’s multicultural heritage at award-winning establishments!

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World’s Best Food Truck Tour

Available May-Sep 2018.
Show-stopping food from Vancouver’s top food trucks.

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