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17 Hilarious Valentines Puns for Foodies

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Valentines puns with a foodie twist. Happy Valentines Day, Foodies! 

1. My heart beets for you.

Valentines Puns

2. Let’s grow mould together.

Valentines Puns


3. I’m crazy pho you

A cheap date + a priceless pun

Valentines Puns   

4. Let’s avocuddle!

Valentines Puns

5. If you were a fruit, you’d be a FINEapple.

Heck yes.

Valentines Puns

6. You’re my butter half.

Valentines Puns

7. It cannelloni be you.

Valentines Puns

8. And when you’re ready to pop the question…

Valentines Puns   

9. You’ll always have a pizza my heart

Valentines Puns  

10. You bake me crazy.

Best served with a fresh cupcake!

Valentines Puns

11. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but we go really gouda together!

Valentines Puns

Photo Credit: Hearts and Laser Beams

12. I’m nuts about you.

Valentines Puns

13. Olive me loves olive you.

An irresistible serenade!

Valentines Puns  

14. You’re all that & dim sum

Valentines Puns  

15. You turn me NAAN

Soho Road Naan Kebab, we’re looking at you.

Valentines Puns

Photo Credit: Jenny Costa  

15. I love you from my head tomatoes.

Valentines Puns


16. Hello my cherie! 

Valentines Puns

17. The perfect Valentine pun for Vancouver foodies <3

Valentines Puns

*Photos scoured from Pinterest & Etsy

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