What tours do you host?

I don’t actually host any of the tours, but I orchestrate all bookings, ordering, and private tours. And of course, from time to time I have to go on the tours to sample the goods! Such a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Where have you travelled?

I grew up in England and during that time went on holidays to many places in Europe like France, Spain, Germany. I spent eight months travelling through South East Asia and exploring so many new dishes and flavours. I have also spent a year living in Australia and travelling in New Zealand. Before moving to Canada, I spent a month doing an epic road trip up the west coast of America.

What’s a food you absolutely cannot resist?

Pizza! I just can’t stop when pizza is on the table. My stomach literally becomes bottomless. My favourite meal would be garlic pizza bread to start, any pizza variety for a main (but typically the more toppings the better), and a dessert pizza to finish!

What is a fond food memory you’ve had?

When I was living in Australia, we went for brunch in Canberra at a little café with a huge line. Turned out the line wasn’t for brunch, but for their salted-caramel cronuts. 100%…the best sweet treat I have ever tasted. I would fly back in a heartbeat for another bite of that salty caramel goodness.

Why do you love Vancouver?

Vancouver has it all! Beaches, mountains and so many food choices! I live in Kitsilano and get to watch the sun set over the water every night, indulge in all of the food options around W 4th Avenue, and I get to work on Granville Island!

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