Press Room |  World’s Best Food Truck Tour

  • 4 Courses, 5 Tastings, 9 Stories and 2 Hours of Tantalizing Fun
  • Tour runs April to November, Monday to Friday

Some of the world’s most exciting food comes from passionate people who sell their fare from food trucks and carts—allowing them to connect with their customers on a direct level. The World’s Best Food Truck Tour celebrates Vancouver’s ever-growing food truck landscape—Travel + Escape named it the third best street food city in North America—by taking foodies on a global adventure to some of the hottest curbside kitchens in the city. Guests taste signature dishes (from decadent delights to healthy options and global-inspired fare), meet talented ‘cartrepreneurs’, watch food being prepared before their eyes and learn where the ingredients originated.

Food tastings may include Japanese inspired hotdog or Berkshire pork terimayo at Vancouver’s most popular food cart, Japadog; a butter chicken naan kebab from a tiny cart outfitted with tandoor ovens that whip out fresh, chewy naan bread; hot smoked wild salmon that’s smoked daily inside a tiny cart; succulent chicken karaage from Vancouver’s one and only Japanese street food truck; and a spicy diablo chocolate cookie that will set you on fire. What’s more, your guide will take you to Vancouver’s chic shopping street, followed by the famed Vancouver Art Gallery.

The World’s Best Food Truck Tour is easily one of the most mind-blowing lunch experiences —inspiring foodies to continue exploring Vancouver’s fascinating culinary tourism scene long after the adventure ends.

Quick Facts: Vancouver’s Food Truck Scene

  • Vancouver’s now-booming food truck scene began in 2010 when 17 licences were distributed by lottery.
  • Following the successful pilot project, the 17 trial licenses were added to the city’s street vending program in April of 2011.
  • In April of 2013, Travel + Escape named Vancouver the third best street food city in North America, behind Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.
  • In May of 2013, the City of Vancouver issued 15 more licenses for street food vendors, bringing the total number of food trucks and carts to 137. This includes 110 stationary and 27 mobile food vendors.
  • The first street food vendors in Vancouver sold hot dogs and roasted chestnuts.
  • Many food truck owners work six days a week for long hours. They rise early to prep the food for the day, man the truck, and take the truck back to the commissary to clean and prepare for the next day.
  • On the weekends, many street food vendors sell their fare at farmers markets, Asian night markets and weekend truck pods.
  • Acclaimed local restaurateur Vij Vikram told Business in Vancouver that he required $1,000 in sales per day at his Vij’s Railway Express truck to make a $100 profit; the truck has had days where it has sold only $500 in food.
  • The City of Vancouver is accepting proposals for food trucks wishing to form a pod, a concept popularized in Portland, Oregon.
  • Vancouver’s food truck scene is still in its infancy. Between 2014 and 2016, the city will see the expansion of 15 food carts per year in locations outside the downtown core as it capitalizes on the incredible interest people have in street food culture.


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